Triple Jump

Triple Jump is a responsible investment manager based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Triple Jump manages and advises investment funds that focus on improving livelihoods at the bottom of the pyramid. It currently has capital commitments of some EUR 360 million. It specialises in managing and advising microfinance investment funds, each with a specific target group and different risk and return objectives. This mix of funds allows Triple Jump to serve financial intermediaries throughout their entire life cycle.      

Our portfolio companies range from NGOs receiving their first non-subsidised loans to regulated banks acting as a savings intermediary that serve hundreds of thousands of borrowers.

Our advisory services team assists young financial intermediary organisations, mainly microfinance institutions, to 'jump' to the next level by providing capacity building services on a cost-sharing basis. Our service areas focus on strengthening governance, technology (mobile banking, management information systems), product development and social performance management.

Triple Jump currently manages about 300 investments in around 170 portfolio companies in 60 countries. For more information, please download the 2012 Annual Report here and the 2012 Annual Report in Spanish here.  

View film about Triple Jump here.