About Us

Serving as a bridge between developed capital markets in the West and financial sectors in developing countries, we improve access to appropriate financial services for entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid. By providing capital and advisory services, we support the expansion of viable financial service providers in all stages of development. Thanks to our network of regional offices and large team of experts with strong portfolio management skills, we are able to stay close to our investees. Due to the fact that we intensively promote social performance management, our investors receive both strong social returns and good financial returns on their investments with Triple Jump. 

Competitive Edge

Thanks to our network of regional offices in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, we are able to stay close to our investees, offering both technical assistance and equity. Furthermore, we strongly promote social performance management. We focus on supporting our investees in order for them to better serve the entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid, so that our investors not only receive good financial returns, but also strong social returns from their investments in our funds.

Advisory Services

Providing advisory services and technical assistance to financial intermediates is part of our continuous effort to further develop the inclusive finance sector, by improving existing services and reaching out to unserved or underserved segments. Our advisors have served over 90 financial intermediaries that collectively serve more than 2.5 million clients in Latin America, Africa and the Caucasus. Our focus is on new and innovative financial products & services, risk management and social performance management, with the ultimate goal of better serving entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid. More

Social Impact

By intertwining our impact filters in our investment and selection processes, we predict positive social impact. And the likelihood that the companies we invest in, will contribute to the socio-economic development of their clients – micro and small & medium sized companies, is what we assess. In this regard, we developed the Interest Traffic Light as a tool to assess our investees’ social performance and to prevent high interest rates. In addition, we developed the assessment of CEO-compensation, signed the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance, endorsed Microfinance Transparency and the Client Protection Principles, and we are an active member of the Social Performance Task Force and the Global Impact Investing Network. More

Regional Presence

To better serve micro and small & medium sized enterprises and to be closer to our portfolio companies, we are in the continuous process of strengthening our presence in the regions. This helps us to stay on top of market tendencies and opportunities in those areas. We now have regional offices in Asia (Bangkok), Africa (Nairobi), Caucasus (Tbilisi), Mexico (Mexico City), South America (Lima).


Equity is one of the key instruments we offer to our investees in their development. This allows us to be more active in building strong financial institutions, for the benefit of the entrepreneurs we ultimately serve. And because we are longer-term value investors, we contribute to adding value by participating in the Supervisory Board. Along with our investees, we focus on preserving their (social) mission while working towards increased economies of scale. This can then help them to offer an increasing variety of efficiently priced products. More

Corporate Governance

Triple Jump BV is a private company with limited liability, under supervision of the Dutch Authority Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 34248256. Triple Jump is a company limited by shares (VAT number: 8157.74.928 B01). Triple Jump’s four founders are: Oxfam Novib, ASN Bank, NOTS foundation and its Management Board. Our work is guided by a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards. Our Advisory Services -the Triple Jump Advisory Services Foundation- operates under the Triple Jump umbrella and has been granted an ANBI status under Dutch law. This means that all donations to the Triple Jump Advisory Services Foundation are tax-exempt.

History, Mission and Vision

We currently manage 5 investment funds, after being spun off from Oxfam Novib in 2006, to create the new fund management company, Triple Jump BV. Our mission is to promote social and economic development for excluded segments of society in developing countries by offering meaningful investment opportunities and professional fund management to investors and by providing capital and advisory services to investees in a responsible way. By providing capital and advisory services, we support the expansion of viable financial service providers in all stages of development. Our vision is that a responsible and inclusive financial sector will enable people to unlock their potential and improve their quality of life. We work with financial service providers that reach out to the bottom of the pyramid. And by providing debt financing, equity capital, knowledge transfer and capacity development programmes, we assist these providers in realising their full potential.

Current Vacancies

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