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Our funds are strong in micro and SME finance and generate competitive financial returns. They also have an effective social impact on emerging markets, by encouraging entrepreneurial spirit. We apply international business standards to our funds, generating high quality financial information. Our core principles focus on integrity, transparency and professionalism. This is the basis of long-standing relationships with all our stakeholders.

ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund

ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund, established in 1998 by ASN Bank, invests in expanding and mature financial intermediaries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America; a semi-open-ended fund that enables private individuals to invest in microfinance institutions by purchasing shares sold by ASN Bank. More


Dutch Good Growth Fund

A consortium consisting of Triple Jump and PwC is responsible for managing the part of the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) that provides financing for local SMEs in up to 66 selected countries through investing in Intermediary Funds. The consortium manages the DGGF on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For further information, click here.

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Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib Fund, established in 1998 by Oxfam Novib, invests in starting financial intermediaries in Africa and Asia. In some cases, the fund may support other initiatives in line with the Oxfam Novib mission. More


MicroBuild Fund

MicroBuild Fund, established in 2012 by Habitat for Humanity International and Triple Jump, supplies debt capital, specifically for housing solutions that financial intermediaries offer to their low-income end-clients in developing countries. More


Triple Jump Innovation Fund

Triple Jump Innovation Fund, established in 2013 by Triple Jump, provides debt to lower-end financial intermediaries in developing countries. The fund focuses on rural and agricultural finance, operates in difficult countries, and tries to stimulate innovative lending. More